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Marie Lucas with Long Term Friend & Client, Shirley

Many seniors are banding together to share resources and camaraderie. Whether they’re finding roommates or living together in a larger private home, these seniors are finding new ways of thinking about retirement... One that revolves around creating a community where you can age in place with others. Some say living-together options are the future of aging.

My name is Marie Lucas. I am French by birth. Over the past eight years I have managed the care of several individuals both in my own Board and Care facility and at my client's residences. I've seen the value of community when dealing with aging and disabled people. For example, someone who has difficulty reading mail can be helped by someone who has good eye sight but maybe poor hearing. Also someone with memory challenges can provide help to someone who has mobility issues, etc.... One care giver or coordinator can actually guide many people in finding useful things they can do. Thus, everyone is helping each other in the community. My passion is to create a model of community that would be self-empowering and also meet the needs of  both the care receivers and the care givers in an affordable and sustainable way.


There is nothing more comforting, empowering, reassuring and uplifting than feeling that we belong. It is like being part of an extended family. One of the most challenging aspects of being diagnosed with a life threatening disease or simply of getting older is feeling alone and very vulnerable. When one is surrounded by a caring community, those challenges feel much more manageable.

Actually, many of our American seniors and disabled people are living in places that do not accommodate their most basic needs. Even very expensive commercial Care Facilities fail to provide a true family atmosphere. We need to be creative and re-invent the whole paradigm of Elder Care. It's important that we take finances into account, along with the needs of family, client and caregivers.


My Partner Michael with his Parents

 When one person is disabled in a couple setting, the other is often the designated care giver. Being part of a loving community can be a life saver for both. And when living alone with physical or emotional challenges doesn’t make sense, it is time to find an affordable place that can provide the support needed. Community living is an option which can be the most fulfilling and the most sustainable at all levels. 


Community Based Living

Finding a suitable property in the greater Bay Area is presently a major goal of ours, myself and Michael.  We expect that the concept of co-housing is attractive to many older folks and their families. I am looking for the right people to participate in realizing  this concept.

If you are interested in this type of intentional community, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or text. 

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